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My Wednesday in Downtown Detroit

It’s Wednesday! Halfway through this week. Two more days until I can go home and play with my dog. I miss him, but he better be having fun at doggy day camp. 

I wish I could’ve brought him but the hotel has a 40 pound limit, and my dog is afraid of people so he’d be barking up a storm.

So I was up until like…..3:30 a.m. last night writing and just dealing with an improper sleep schedule since I’m bored throughout the entire day so I just sleep.

Due to this, I ended up sleeping all day again.

However, do not fear! I actually left the hotel to feel like a human. Other than taking hour long showers while blasting music, this is the second thing I’ve done that has made me feel human.

Today we went on a journey. Not just any journey, a journey for food, as well as a journey to go to Astoria so I could get some macarons. 

Astoria is this magical place in Greektown in Detroit. It’s a magical place that has amazing dessert. Basically any european dessert you can think of, it’s there. 

That one that just popped into your head, yeah they have that one too.

Our first stop on our journey was Wahlburgers

They opened it within the past couple years and I decided to see what the hype was and if it held up to the expectations I heard other people say they had for it.

Sooo the service was absolutely terrible. It was about a 15 minute walk in the cold so when we got there, we were dying of thirst. 

We go up sit down at the bar and the guy asks if we need menus. We say yes. He throws them on the counter, walks away, and then doesn’t come back. He just walks to the back of the place and talks and laughs it up with the staff. Like….doesn’t…come…back.

So we leave. I’m big on leaving restaurants because I hate begging people to take my money. Great service means big tip, terrible service means I’m probably not going to get around to ordering anything in the first place.

So we hop over to Astoria. We go in and I show my husband all the magic that the place has to offer. His eyes open wide, a similar reaction I had when my sister brought me there a few years ago. 

I tell him that everything there is good so he picks a Black Forest Cake and I pick three strawberry macarons and two raspberry macarons.

I regret my choice but more on that later.

We are hungry and hadn’t had any food yet so we see a restaurant that advertises barbecue. 


Yes. Yes. Yes.

Rib Tips with String Beans

This place Red Smoke was sooo good. I don’t know what I’ve been doing my whole life, and why I hadn’t been there before but…yes. Yes. Definitely yes. Go visit!

I got Brisket Macaroni and Cheese. 

I know, I know. But try it. The bartender was right, she told me to put some barbecue sauce on the top and I don’t know, my soul left my body for a moment and came back in to keep eating.

My husband got the rib tips and they were the biggest, juiciest and delicious rib tips I’ve ever seen.

If you know me, I made the best candied yams. Hands down. I think the second glass of this Whiskey Cocktail I was drinking got to my head and I ordered their candied yams.

Brisket Macaroni and Cheese with Cherry Molasses Barbecue Sauce on top

Y’all. They were soooo good!

As I’m writing this, I’m about to go heat up the rest of my leftovers.

All in all, the food was amazing and the drinks helped my 38 degree F walk back to the hotel a warm experience. Warm-ish.

Alright now back to my dessert from Astoria. I got 5 macarons because I love them, can’t find good ones anywhere and because they are that good.

I bit into the first one, it was horrible. Second one, tasted only of sugar.

I called my dad and told him how bad it was, and he just couldn’t understand how they weren’t good.

This place has been around for sooo long, and every time my sister comes to town, we drive down to Greektown to grab some. 

I don’t know what happened to the baker tonight, but now I feel like I ruined my husband’s idea of the place. His Black Forest Cake was ‘okay’ according to him.

This place was amazingggg 2 years ago, and every year before then. I don’t know what happened…but I hope that they fix that as soon as possible because….I can’t have my macaron place in Detroit go down. I can’t fly to Vegas to get them every time I have a craving.

If anyone knows any good places that sell Macarons in the Cleveland metro area…let me know!

And boom, just like that. Post number 3 for NaNoWriMo. I need a hug and a shot.

Maybe I’ll just eat some more brisket.

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