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[Writing Prompt] Through My Eyes

[Writing Prompt] If you looked through my eyes right now, you would see a chromebook. A small 11 inch chromebook. 

A silverish, maybe grey acer chromebook that weighs a few pounds. It’s heavier than it looks, but also I’m weak so there’s that for comparison. 

I’m still in the hotel room, but since my back is aching from the bed, I’m sitting at the desk they provided. It is a nice size desk, and it isn’t as junky as my desk at home.

I am in serious need of a professional organizer to teach me how to be organized, but here, the desk is mostly neat. I have my chromebook on the desk, but also there is a lamp to the right. It’s a modest lamp, however it does have a 5v usb charging port on it. 

I like that this hotel knows what the traveling group needs.

I have brought with me, a chromebook, a Nintendo Switch, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headphones, a cell phone, my digital camera (but for this exercise it doesn’t count), plus my husband’s phone and his laptop.

This is the lightest I have ever traveled in terms of technology. And I have a spot to plug everything in at the same time and haven’t once worried about if there’s a space to plug something in to charge.

Okay back to my eyes.

Looking straight ahead I have a privacy blind pulled down, but I can still see through it a bit. I see a few buildings that are maybe 10 yards away.

I can—————————–

It was at this point that I got sleepy, went to bed, and left the hotel. I can no longer see what was in front of me.

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