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Raft Developers Released a New Update Post

On September 14, 2018, Quire from the Raft development team posted a new Development Blog. One of the major things that they discussed in this development blog is that they are currently working on implementing advanced cooking.

Example of what advanced cooking will look like
Advanced Cooking

Currently, when you cook in raft, you are grilling items on either a large, or a small grill. Things that can be grilled include, fish, shark meat, beets, and potatoes. With the advanced cooking, they state that you will be able to cook better food which you’ll prepare at a cooking table and then turn it into a stew. The stew will help your character stay full longer than if you were just grilling food items. In order to make this stew, you will have to find more special items that are in the game.

The blog also talked about some optimization that was done to increase the FPS for the game. They also added a new feature for motion sickness that would stop the rockiness of the raft as an accessibility feature if you happen to have bad motion sickness like I do.

The developers have also listened to feedback and are adding more aquatic life to the game to make it feel more realistic. They are adding schools of fish around the reefs when you are diving. The fish aren’t there to do anything other than to look pretty, as you cannot catch them, but it will make diving more fun nonetheless.

Recently, Quire also did a series of live streams on Twitch giving a detailed first look at the new large islands that will be added to the game. In the live streams, viewers were able to give their feedback and say things they wanted to see added to the islands. If he was able to, Quire added in every suggestion he got, as well as asking for more features at times when he was stuck on what to do. The second day of the live streams was spent mainly decorating the island with trees and other features.

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