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The word of the day today is Consistency. 

Consistency is my goal to always achieve. I have so many excuses why I missed posting the past few days. But…excuses are tools for the incompetent.

And I am not incompetent.

Lake View on Mackinac Island

Therefore, I’m going to continue to work harder to be more productive and consistent in everything I am doing. The only way to be successful is to be consistent and persistent.

I have a big problem with procrastination, and I’m pretty sure most people do. If no one had procrastination problems, the world would be a much better place. But we can all work on our procrastination problems later because..who wants to work on it right now?

Anyways, I need to work on bettering myself so that I can achieve my goals in life and hopefully be a productive adult. 

So since I spent the past couple days not posting I can fill you in what’s happened.

I think I only missed one or two days but I’ll still go. 

I spent my last evening visiting Downtown Detroit going to Texas de Brazil with my parents and my husband. Honestly, it was very disappointing. This is the third Texas de Brazil my husband and I have visited and we were both disappointed with the meat this time. The beef sirloin was good, however the rest of the meats were incredibly dry, and at some points, burnt. Not charred, burnt. There is a difference and one is reallyy bad.

If you go, the parmesan pork loin is almost good. I asked for it specifically. I had an internal tear inside because it wasn’t moist and delicious like I like.

And for $45 a person, I expect perfection. But I didn’t get it at all and I might’ve broken a bit inside at the amount I paid and the lack of quality I got.

However, as usual the lobster bisque was fantastic. I think I ate three bowls of soup alone.

Although it cost $10 extra, the chocolate mousse cake was definitely the highlight of dinner. I almost wish I had just gotten the soup and then eaten the cake and called that dinner. 

With that being said, I’m not going back to the Detroit location, but I will go to the locations in Miami and Ohio because those were amazing.

The next morning I woke up super early to check out of the hotel and hop in the car so that my husband could go to his last day in the office. I drove to my parent’s house and slept basically until it was time to go back to Ohio. So yeah, I’ve been mostly asleep since Friday, but it felt good so I’m not going to regret that.

My next goal is to continue to work on getting my store up and running! 

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