My Stay in Downtown Detroit

I’m currently sitting in a hotel room in the heart of Downtown Detroit. 

This is an odd experience for me because I grew up here. In Metro Detroit. 

My husband is on a business trip and it’s taken him to the D so of course, I’m here too. He can’t go to my hometown and I not come. Especially since it’s driving distance. 

Other than the casinos, I’ve never been to a hotel downtown. Greektown Casino hotel is beauutiifulll. It’s such a beautiful hotel but this time we are staying at another hotel and this is quite magical. It’s one of the hotels that are set in an old building that has been redone. 

This hotel was built in 1924 and they even have an old style elevator meter to show you which floor the elevator is on. 

It is so cool, but also feels like we might die since I’m playing Luigi’s Mansion 3 right now at the same time.

Luigi’s Mansion on my Switch so no copyright

It is a beautiful room, with a terrible view. I mean, a truly horrible view. My view is of an ally and a ladder from the building next to it. 

The inside of the room is much better with a king size bed, the biggest shower I’ve ever seen, a stove cooktop, full fridge and more. They’ve managed to put so much into a small space while still having it feel open and spacious.

Clearly, I can’t mention the name of the hotel since I’m still staying here and prefer to leave it in one piece. 

The difference between staying in this hotel in the heart of downtown and living in the middle of nowhere Ohio is the endless options of food to have delivered.

I have this thing about hating the cold. It’s cold. I don’t want to walk anywhere. I will, but I don’t want to.

So of course the first day I got American Coney Island. You have to pick a side, I picked the right one.

Second night, I definitely had to get Buddy’s pizza. 

My husband is from a different middle of nowhere not even cornfields, Ohio so I have to make sure to give him some of the Detroit greats.

*Unpopular Opinion* Leo’s Coney Island is 100x better than American Coney Island. Don’t @ me. Or do it. @MyLifesLyric on twitter, make sure you get it right.

If you know what I’m talking about, I love you. If you don’t, then you need to come to Metro Detroit and eat some of the best food you’ll have in the States. 

Michigan is a great state so you should just go spend all your money there. I don’t live there, and I’m a small business owner in Ohio, but you should still go to Michigan. I might decide to tell you some of the great secrets of the state that raised me.

I’ve managed to get post number 2 out for NaNoWriMo so yay, go me! Small victories, hopefully they lead to bigger victories.

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