It’s NaNoWriMo 2021! I’m totally going to do better this year.

It’s that time of year again! It’s November 1, which means NaNoWriMo 2021 is here! I know I say this every year…but I’m definitely going to make a new post every day for at least this month! This is really important for me. I really need to get back into writing.

Writing is something that helps me focus and grounds my thoughts. I definitely have been just kind of floating aimlessly for quite some time, but I’m happy to focus and get back to writing.

If this posts late…it’s not my fault. I couldn’t start writing this post until I put up my Christmas Tree, because now that I’m a homeowner, I’m THAT person.

Having the freedom to do what we want with our house is amazing, so if I want to string Christmas lights around my walls and set my tree up on November 1, then that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Anyways, NaNoWriMo this year I’m going to try to do smaller goals daily, instead of big grand plans, which thus far, have failed.

I have lots of life updates I need to get out so that’s a lot I need to post. We bought this house, dealt with a former slumlord, I’m pregnant, working on an app that is being close…to being deployed to my phone for testing.

There have been lots of big changes, but also small ones…like I’m not selling custom merch anymore. So, if you see that my website went on a diet and got skinny, that’s what disappeared, the shop. At least for now.

Also, I’m thinking about rebranding/changing my name but that’s just a small thought that is simmering.

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