A little bit late, but I voted AND wrote today, so I’m excited!

It’s day 2 of NaNoWriMo and I think my timeliness will be a factor this month.

It may, or may not be after midnight, but I’m determined to stay on track this time, this year.

Today was election day and this is the first time that I actually voted in person on election day. Usually, I early vote at the county, or do absentee ballots.

My voting precinct wasn’t actually that bad. There were plenty of booths to vote in, the only bottleneck to the process was that there were only two people working to check people in to pull the ballots.

When I early voted last year for the 2020 General Election, we waited in line a good 2 hours. Today, my wait was maybe 10 minutes. Probably less than that.

I’ve never actually lived in a place that had many local issues on the ballot, but this election was only local issues.

Man, local politics can get intense!

One of our candidates for our ward went door to door, introducing themselves and talking with everyone. The other candidate just sent hate mail and dirty letters on the other person to us in the mail.

It was quite easy for us to decide who to vote for, but man the other person just said so many hateful things, which was very unnecessary.

As a teacher, I never really paid attention to the school board side of the education. My focus was more on the Department of Education and our superintendent because those directly affected what I taught day to day.

On this occasion, I was paying attention to the school board members running, and again, so much hate! These are supposed to be non-partisan positions. Well, I think they didn’t read the job description because all I saw was a whole bunch of messages saying they were trying to save the children from the liberal left. And literally saying they don’t want “welcoming classrooms.” And I’m not exaggerating.

I’m not going to post the politician because I don’t *particularly* want to dox myself at this moment.

However, since it’s now…1:30 a.m. the following morning, we have the results (pending any provisional ballot recounts) and it seems the racist members didn’t make it on the school board, and the things and people I voted for won, so that makes me happy.

What upsets me, is the people upset about what things were on the ballot to vote for, and then that won the votes. Because we have a democratic process here.

In order for something to make it to the ballot, there must be a petition with enough signatures and interest for it to make it to the ballot in the first place. So, the thing they’re unhappy with, is something that enough people signed for to get it placed on the ballot in the first place.

If that wasn’t enough, getting upset that your neighbors voted for a language change to make something clearer, and it passing by 70% is also confusing. If 70% of your neighbors voted yes on a decision, you screaming that *no one* wants this, is factually incorrect.

Anyways, make sure when you have the opportunity, you use it and go out and vote! Especially since local elections like mayor, school board, city council, and other local positions will have a larger impact on your day-to-day life, even though the national elections are the ones that usually get all the big buzz and attention.

I will try to be more timely next post!

Blame the baby brain!

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