I’m married during Covid, and I’m still happy!

In the age of Covid, people have spent a lot of time in the house with their families, and have gotten to know them on a deeper level. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, is up to you.

What I’ve learned during this pandemic, is I’m so happy I married my husband. Like I really enjoy his company. 

I see a lot of people out there struggling with their families, and Lord knows I would be struggling if I was stuck with my siblings and parents 24/7. Like, I love them, but even growing up we were on each other’s nerves heavy.

Obligatory Puppy Pic

I feel like Covid is a stress test on relationships to see exactly where you stand with each other. Thankfully, we’re doing well. 

It is annoying that some people feel that we only feel this way because we’ve only been married a couple years. Well, if you get on my nerves, you get on my nerves, it doesn’t matter how long we’ve been together. 

We’ve been keeping busy by playing games, watching Netflix, and spending time with our dog. 

It’s been what…9 months and we’re still not bored. I was already a person that would prefer to sit at home with a cup of cocoa and watch tv instead of going out. Now, I have an excuse.

I do have some feelings about all the plans I had at the beginning of the pandemic in terms of how productive I would be, and all the things I could accomplish.

I’m now realizing that I put unrealistic expectations on myself, because this pandemic is long, and it’s hard to see the other side of it still. 

The anxiety, stress, and uncertainty that has become normal at this point has made it difficult to focus, and that’s okay. Accepting that it’s okay not to feel okay during this time is a freeing feeling.

Accepting that is what actually  helped me feel better and able to write.

I’ve had writers block…for months now, and it’s a struggle mentally. This is the thing I can do to be a contributing member of the household, but anxiety and depression was weighing me down making it difficult for me to actually contribute, which started a vicious cycle.

But I’ve broken free! Yay!

Okay I’m going to start writing more now, I promise.

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