We bought our dream home! We’re first time homeowners!

I am a first-time homeowner!

The house we built!

For the past few years, I’ve been working hard on my journey to become a homeowner. Actually, it’s been more than a few years. I’ve been dreaming, searching and attempting to save since I moved out here to Cleveland back in 2016.

Saving money is basically, one of the hardest things for me to do, so saving was my major obstacle. Well, saving is still a major obstacle in things, but at least I’m in the house now.

Throughout the process of buying the house, we’ve gone through many different agencies, realtors, lenders and a million other components.

One thing that I learned throughout this process is to be comfortable with every member of your team that’s helping you through this process. Everyone you work with has a financial incentive to help you reach your end goal, however you need to feel as though you can trust them to have your best interests at heart.

I’ll more than likely go into great depth about my journey into getting out of the terrible woods, and into my own home. But I’m just so excited to finally be in a place that I can call home and not have to worry about what my terrible landlord is going to do to us next.

I’m also going to write about how terrible living in the house in the woods we were renting was, but I’ve missed writing so much!

So now that I’m in a place where I actually feel comfortable and secure, I’ll be able to write consistently. I’m also incredibly happy about our house because I have an actual workshop in it for my heat press. Now when you all place orders for your customized items (I sell many) I’ll have an actual workshop to make them in and not reorganizing my entire home for every order that comes in.

The house we bought is an old house built in the 1800s and it’s so beautiful! It has super tall ceiling to floor windows, hardwood floors throughout, and just so much detail put into everything.

When the house was built, there wasn’t electricity so when some of the previous owners this house had put electricity in…well let’s just say we’re going to have to get a new electrician but for now we’re using our millennial skills and retrofitting this house into a cool tech house.

We have smart door locks that aren’t hooked up to wifi. I don’t know why I felt the need to say that but yeah…

Our stairs have the cool smart light strips that we can control with our app or our voice and change the colors. There’s no hall light so we used this as a way to be able to be safe going up and down our stairs.

It’s also so nice to have beautiful, sturdy, carpeted stairs. It’s a weird thing to be really happy about, but the house in the woods that we were previously renting, every time we stepped on the stairs it was a gamble whether or not we were going to fall through.

Almost every room in our lovely home has built in shelves. And the master bedroom has three closets. I don’t have many clothes, but I am definitely excited to go purchase some to fill up the closets.

The house is full of many things I never knew I wanted until I found it. The market is so incredibly competitive that every time we saw a house and went to put an offer in, they had already had an offer for much more than they were offered so we were outbid. On so many houses.

But I truly believe that we went through that because this was the house we were meant to purchase. The location is in a lovely area, so much walkability and when my husband and I were moving around this entire area (we lived in like 5 different areas of Northeast Ohio) this was on of the places that we were the happiest, and the most physically active because of the plethora of activities to do in the Metroparks around this area.

Now that we have our own homes, I’m excited to see where our journey as a family leads us next.

For now, I’m going to go unpack more boxes, but I’m excited to share my journey with you all! 

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