Life Update

Hi guys! This post is more of a life update, for those of you that haven’t been following me on Twitter you might not have known some of my life updates lately. Also, there are some things I haven’t shared on Twitter yet, but I’m going to share here.

Snowy field lined with trees.
An update on the weather as well. We had a blizzard.

The first is an update on streaming. I probably won’t be streaming much on Twitch anymore. If I do, it will be completely spontaneous and at random. Writing has always been my first, and foremost. I began streaming on Twitch because I was, and continue, to play games quite often. Streaming was fun, and was a fun way to meet new people, network, and just have a good time.

One of the problems that arose from me streaming was it turned gaming from something fun, into something that felt like work. It turned from me popping into my friends streams every once in a while when I had free time, to being a time consuming, life consuming black hole. I love all of my friends I’ve made on Twitch, but it can’t be my life. So I took a step back, and that step back wasn’t enough. I go on Twitch every once in a while, or every few days, but at this point, I’m back to my primary purpose of writing, and making my site a success.

Another one of my life updates is that my store is live. Well, it is live, but the tabs might not show up. In addition to the merchandise that I’m making, I’m also going to start offering services. I’ve been working on creating my website for the past couple years, and never thought about the fact that I can make websites for other people.

I’ve witnessed first hand people taking advantage of small businesses that need a website, and selling them a website that doesn’t function properly, or that they don’t have the knowledge behind to make sure certain bugs and features are working properly before handing off the website. A lot of the time, the developer was unable to correct the problem, and I was the one having to fix it.

Now I will be offering my services to create websites for the small businesses that need it the most. This way more people will have access like I do, to spread their services and visibility out to more people.

My final update is that I created a Patreon so that people can still support me although I’m not on Twitch that often anymore. With the Patreon, I have different perks for the different tiers, including one custom merch item a month for the highest tier supporters.

A sad update is my dog has been diagnosed with lung cancer this past week. We are making hard decisions I hoped I would never have to make. I will begin posting more on that as I make more posts as well.

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