I Moved to the Middle of the Woods

I live where?

Yeah I live in the middle of the woods. Fun.

*record scratch* Yeah that’s me. I bet you’re wondering how I got here.

Funny story.

So for some circumstances outside of our control due to stupid landlords and lack of common sense, we saw ourselves in the need of a new place to live when our lease expired.

We live in a place that has a bit of a housing crisis, where it was the country a few years ago, and there isn’t enough housing to keep up with the demand. Also, we have Kent State right down the street so having a large population of students doesn’t help things at all.

So when we were looking, we had two big dogs, so we needed an apartment that would allow both of our dogs. When we were searching, we didn’t know how long we would have with Suede (rip) so we didn’t know that she would pass before we moved. 

Since we had two dogs, we happened to find this beautiful house with 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths for a great price. The only problem is it’s in the middle of the woods.

Like the real woods.

Like DoorDash didn’t want to deliver to our house because she said it didn’t look like anyone lived there and she was scared.

I had to talk to her the whole time for her to even consider driving up there.

The electric company couldn’t find the house. They kept charging us commercial pricing because they thought we lived in a barn that was super far away.

Like…they thought…that we…lived in a….barn.

Old apartment was only next to woods. Now we’re in deep.

How does that even make sense?

Of course we have to deal with coyotes. 

They are everywhere but especially around our house. 

It’s a little scary when you’re laying in bed falling asleep and you hear them outside. It’s also a bit scary when your dog has to go outside, but the coyotes are already outside the house and you’re trying to figure out if they’re bold enough to come get your dog with you there or not.

We aren’t stupid. We would never leave our dog outside unattended, and definitely not off leash. 

Our neighbors are.

The great part is the privacy and quietness of living here in the woods. 

It is also great when we want to pull out our grill and sit there and relax with a beer and our dog.  

Living in the woods isn’t that bad, however when we purchase a house, it’s definitely not going to be here.

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