Grown Up Snow Day!

My favorite thing has started to happen. Snow time is finally coming.

I say this a lot, but my favorite thing is to be snowed in. Cold days when I was in college was the best thing ever.

When you’re in college, you’re considered a grown up. So they don’t give snow days because grown ups are supposed to figure out how to get around in snow.

Tragic. Absolutely tragic.

However, when you are in windchills below -15 F, things start to change from being a grownup and not being stupid so you get to stay home. For the most part, professors and universities also feel the same way.

So in college, we used to celebrate our cold days by running to Kroger, stocking the house with hot cocoa and liquor to put in the cocoa and lots of snacks.

Now that I’m a married adult working for myself and a husband that works remotely, I have the freedom to do this on a whole different level.

I’m hoping for this again

Now that I’m mature and stuff, we went grocery shopping…for groceries for our snowed in week.

Truthfully, we’re only getting like 2-6 inches of snow and that’s nothing here in Ohio. However, we can still enjoy the fact that we don’t have to spend time brushing our cars off to get the snow off because there’s somewhere we have to be the next couple days.

However, I am kind of bummed I scheduled a ‘just because’ vet appointment for my doggy.

Since Suede died of a lung tumor, I’m making sure I’m always on Franklin’s health because Suede’s vet bills basically drained all of our savings plus some. If the vet we went to didn’t have payment plans, I’m not sure what we would have done, and we definitely wouldn’t have had as much time with her as we did.


With our stocked fridge, full tea drawer, and fresh almond milk creamer for my french pressed coffee, I’m going to enjoy the next few days.

I worked as a teacher for a few years (see older posts) and Snow Day Calculator was my most googled search term, so now I’m happy that I get to make my own snow days when I need or want them. Because I work from home.


Annddd I finally got my weighted blanket from Target and thankfully I can use it when my anxiety and depression are getting really bad. 

I’m still working on #Consistency, but hey, it’s getting better.

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