When will the killing stop?

These past few days have been very difficult. Okay, the past few days have sucked. I have to vent, and hope you come on this ride with me.

During times of this much turmoil, there are so many emotions and feelings that are very difficult for me to process and work through.

There’s so much death going on. There’s so many mass murders happening at the hands of white supremicists. There’s so much carnage that’s happening and although lawmakers are giving their ‘thoughts and prayers,’ while doing nothing to help prevent these issues in the future.

I’m so sick and tired of people using mental illness as an excuse for these attacks to take place. Mental illness is not the cause for someone to purposefully target brown people, black people, gay people, democrats, republicans, Jewish people, latino people, or any other specific group of people.

Hate is not a mental illness. It’s just hate.

I’m not sure why people aren’t calling these mass murders in El Paso and Dayton exactly what they are, terrorist attacks. 

I’m very confused why they aren’t calling attacks done by white Americans terrorist attacks, when that’s exactly what they are. 

There are many people that are using these tragedies to falsely point to other things that definitely don’t cause these attacks instead of looking at the real problem: hate.

Hate causes someone to purchase a gun with the sole purpose of killing as many people as possible.

Hate is not a mental illness and I’m sick and tired of people using that as a way to understand why someone would do something such as that.

Depression is a mental illness. Anxiety is a mental illness. Bipolar Disorder is a mental illness. 

Hate is not a mental illness, it’s a terrible choice that people choose to have in their hearts and that they let rot to the deepness of their core and let that hate influence their daily lives and everything they do.

What concerns me most, is the fear. Terrorists want to inflict fear into the public’s mind, and that is exactly what it has done. The fear of going in public places is terrible.

It’s not safe to go buy groceries. Not safe to go to a festival. Not safe to see a film. Not safe to worship in church. Not safe to go get an education. 

Graduation at The University of Miami

Nowhere feels safe, and that’s exactly what terrorists want, and until something changes, that’s exactly where it’ll stay. 

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