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New School Year, No More Problems

This past week began the start of the school year for many teachers across the state of Ohio. Parents, teachers and students are in the back to school grind. Last weekend, Ohio hosted a tax-free weekend on clothes and school supplies. The people in the area I live in definitely took advantage and packed the stores with parents trying to get their kids ready for the school year.


For the past 20 years of my life, this has been the most exciting part of the year for me. As nerdy as it sounds, new school supplies, new clothes and new bags were some of my favorite parts of the back to school grind.

After the school year I had last year, I resigned. My “Why I Left Buzzfeed” post will be coming soon with all of the reasons it was necessary for me to leave. I’m definitely going to drop the tea. With that being said, this has been a much different year for me than in the past. I’m watching all of my teacher friends starting to go back to work, friends starting to go back to college, or grad school, and then me sitting here writing and streaming, but not getting ready for school.

Although I am not preparing for a new school year, I miss the feeling. I miss the feeling of hope and anticipation that comes with a new school year. The hope comes in that it will be a better year than the last one. I know this is what many people feel at the start of a new year in January, but as a teacher/student, it was always a way to reinvent yourself, learn from your past mistakes and make the next year even better. It feels like a clean slate. The mistakes of the past year, don’t matter anymore, and you have the opportunity to reorganize, and do an even better job this year.


Since I will not be starting a new school year this year, I am still taking this time to figure out what happened in the past year and make the path in front of me a much brighter one. I am thinking back on the things that have happened this past year, the lessons that I have learned, and will carry with me through the future, and I am making sure to make this upcoming months and year the best year yet.

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