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Developers of The Game Raft Held an AMA

My new favorite co-op game is Raft, a multiplayer survival game where you are floating on driftwood and you have to fish and craft in order to survive. It is currently in Early Access on steam and available for $19.99.


The game was released on May 23, 2018 and already has a large following. Although it is still in Early Access, it has a 7/10 rating on steam and 6,902 reviews. Raft was started by a group of three students in college as a project, and now it’s blown up. I’ll write a review on the game later when I get more hours on the game as I only have six hours, and I want more to give it a proper review.

On July 4, the developers of the game held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on twitter. The major thing I got from their responses to the questions are that they are focusing primarily on creating more content for the game instead of creating different skins. A constant threat in the game is a shark that attacks and damages your raft, and also can injure and kill you as you swim in the water. Eventually you can kill the shark and the shark meat will provide a lot of food that is needed to survive in the game.


Many of the questions were asking about different types of sharks, but the developers said they wanted to focus on creating more types of threats, not just different skins of the same one. This brings about an exciting prospect of having more things to try to survive through. Although the shark is quite annoying, it isn’t as big as a challenge later in the game as it is in the beginning.


Another one of the most popular questions they were asked on twitter dealt with when they would be producing more updates for the game. The developers stated that they don’t have a specific time frame for when they will be producing updates, as they have been busy doing interviews and business deals lately. I am excited at the fact that they aren’t rushing updates for the purpose of just sending updates.


They are a small company and they only have three people working for the company. They have 2 artists and one programmer currently. That being said, they are looking for programmers, so if you are in Skövde, Sweden and are interested in working with them, they’re looking!


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