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Traveling to Miami, Cleveland Airport

Early in the month of May, I took a trip down to the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. The last time I had been in Miami was Christmas 2017, so this was going to be drastically different trip. Last trip had very comfortable temperatures around 70 degrees or so. This one was going to be hot. Really hot.

Airplane with Day 1 Cleveland Airport

Cleveland Airport

The first part of my trip to Miami began at the Cleveland Airport (CLE) at 6 am. I thought it would be dead quiet because I didn’t expect anyone to be flying that early on a Wednesday.


I was wrong.


When I got to the airport, I was surprised to see that the TSA line was actually long. At 6 am on a Wednesday morning, there are many people traveling for business. I don’t know how I failed to realize that. Although we did not just breeze through the line, it also wasn’t much of a hassle.

When we travel, we travel smart. Since this was a quick trip, we traveled with only carry on luggage. We also had our tickets on our phone through the JetBlue mobile app so for this trip, it was a breeze. This trip. More on that later.


Although the line was much longer than I had anticipated, it wasn’t nearly as bad as holiday travel. A couple years ago, I flew out of Las Vegas around Christmas. We had a midnight flight, so we didn’t think it would be that busy. It took us about 3 hours to get through the security line. I was depressed and couldn’t understand why so many people were LEAVING Vegas, instead of arriving.


This trip to Miami was also my first time thinking of bringing my own water bottle so I could fill it up and save money at the airport. Not only is my reusable glass water bottle good for the environment, it also saved me a lot of money on my trip. Since I had my bottle, I saved around $60 on my trip. However, I did splurge on a margarita and a delicious frozen strawberry lemonade.


The great thing about CLE is they have a water bottle refill station. This made it very easy for me to fill up my bottle, and since it encourages such a friendly option, there were a lot of other people taking advantage of it as well. The best part is it left the fountains open for those who wanted a quick drink and it made filling my water very quick and painless.

This trip, I did not spend much time at this airport since we only had about 10 minutes before our flight started to board.


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