Who needs microwaves anyway?

Microwaves are a staple in almost every household in America; however, we don’t have one. 

It’s not as if we woke up one morning and decided to go crazy and just throw our microwave out the window. We moved from an apartment we were renting, into a home we are renting. At the previous three or four apartments, we were provided with a microwave by the rental agency. We used it a lot when we had it. 

However, the home we’re in now doesn’t have a microwave.

I don’t miss it either.

It’s been a few months since we’ve had a microwave, and I’m not sure if I’ll go back to having one. 

Since we are living without a microwave, we are more mindful of how much we cook, and there are many options that don’t worry about the microwave.

If we want to reheat pizza, we put the oven on 400 degrees and pop it on a cookie sheet for 8 minutes and the crust is delicious and crispy, and half the time better than the first day.

We are also mindful about the amount of food we make. We generally reheat pasta in a small pot and add a bit more of the moisture we used when cooking it initially.

We reheat stir-fry in a skillet and we cook the meat as needed. I’ll marinate a bunch of chicken, and then pop it in the air fryer when I’m ready to eat it.

There are so many possibilities and alternatives to something as common as a microwave, and I’m excited that I was actually open enough to try living without it, and relish in it. 

It feels like such a millennial thing to say, “Oh, we don’t use microwaves at our house,” but it’s true. We’re not advocating for or against them, it’s just refreshing to know that I don’t have to go spend money on a giant thing that’ll take up precious counter space..

We also already have every other kitchen appliance you can think of such as an instant pot, crock pot, air fryer, rice cooker, toaster and waffle iron. 

We have all of them, and we actually use all of them as well, which sounds crazy, but they are all in use at least once or twice a month. The rice cooker is used the most often, and is really convenient. 

Be on the lookout for more posts on the gadgets I use in my kitchen!

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