Growing Up

Flooded Timelines with Love and Travel

And you can never go back 
To Avalon 
Stolen with the bold and the beautiful 
Those days are gone 
Don’t you know those days are gone 
And you can never go back 

You Can Never Go Back by Jon McLaughlin



Love is such an interesting concept in your 20’s.


I am in the point in my life where my entire timeline looks like nothing but weddings, babies, and engagements. It is a place that was unfathomable even a few years ago for me.

A few years ago, I was just happy to have one of my crushes acknowledge my existence. Actually, I was just happy to have a crush instead of thinking that all guys are jerks that cheat on women, or abuse them.


Now, in 2018, I am one of those women contributing to the flood of engagements.

Most of my close friends from growing up are either engaged, married, or expecting. However, I have some friends that have none of the above.

Now that the holiday season is over, my timeline has reduced the number of new engagements, but it is such an interesting concept to think that just a few years ago, I was single, mingling, and that wild, independent woman with her own thoughts.


Now, I am an engaged woman, with my own thoughts and will, with a man that supports my crazy whims! (Like building me a website because I want a blog.)

I am very happy and blessed to be where I wanted at this point in my life, but the thing about life is you have choices.


My friends have made the choices for themselves to not pursue love, but to pursue what makes them happy. The great part about that is we are still young! We are young enough to fly with the breeze, but old enough to have the means to do it.

All my life, I have loved to travel. My family is large, and spread out, so I have always traveled a lot. The difference is now, I can travel abroad to the places that I want to go, not the places my parents send me. I also get to do it with my love.


I also have friends that are traveling on their own, making friends along the way, having the time of their lives. Living life as it is meant to be, enjoying the moments and making memories that last a lifetime.

If you have the desire to travel, I recommend checking out companies like Contiki or EF. My friends have used both of these companies, and they have loved it. If you are traveling alone, or with a friend or partner, these companies are great! You will travel to many different cities in different towns and will have an itinerary laid out for you every day. You aren’t obligated to follow it, but they have site seeing, excursions, your hotel, and travel all included! Plus, they are affordable and have monthly payment plans!


Each one is different, so be sure you read more into them, but I’ve heard great things about both companies and I will definitely put them on my travel bucket list. My friend just got back from one of the trips in Belize and she fell in love with it so much, she booked 2 more trips with the company for the year.


Whatever you love, and wherever you are in life, be sure to make the most of it. At this point in my life, I’m one of those people flooding your timeline with wedding plans and engagement. Other people are spending their time traveling and making connections around the world. And then there’s the people just partying and living their lives!

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, make sure you are living every day to the fullest! Make memories, make relationships, and make good decisions!




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