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Summer Memories Last a Lifetime

Maybe sometimes we feel afraid, but it’s all right

The more you stay the same, the more they seem to change

Don’t you think it’s strange?


Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae



Watching this video brought me back to my childhood.


Watching this video brought me back to this one summer of pure teenager happiness.


Growing up, I didn’t have many kids my age that lived in my neighborhood, so I excelled at playing alone, and getting lost in my own imagination.

This imagination still lives on today, which is why I sometimes prefer to sit in a quiet room alone and let my mind wander and create, opposed to spending so much time with others that aren’t as stimulating.


But this one summer. Oh this one summer. My family moved into this house for one year. I didn’t understand why at the time, but I moved into this amazing house, with this amazing kitchen, and sooo many kids my age.

That was I think my favorite summer of my life. I got to experience so many childhood making memories at once. I had the freedom to walk around, and there were places to explore. This was the summer that increased my inquisition into different types of food and flavors that I had not been exposed to. There was a fresh market within walking distance from my home and I explored a lot of different flavors. 

I experienced new foods that my family had not exposed me too, and learned how to think outside the box and learn about cuisines that were different than the soul food that I grew up with.


I had many new places to explore, and all the time in the world to hop on my bike and explore. This was a new location that I was placed in, and I had so many places to go. There was a school that had a humongous park.

There’s just something about being 16 and having a park to escape to when the world becomes too much. I still think hopping on a swing can be therapeutic when the world isn’t what you wanted it to be, and you need an escape.

There was a park, a market, my best friends, and a mysterious boy.


Oh the boy. Boy next door, curly hair, great smile, and he was a grade ahead of me. What girl doesn’t like an older guy?! He was funny, mysterious, and was crushing back. My mom wasn’t happy with all the time we spent together but hey, climbing trees and riding bikes aren’t exactly the devil’s play.

So many memories made in the tree-house. It was just pure innocence and bliss. I even snuck out of my house once!


Now where I’m from, we just didn’t do that! Mainly because if I asked, and it was appropriate, my parents would have said yes. But I even snuck out once!


Nothing came of it, I felt guilty and snuck back in after about 30 seconds, but I did it!

Those summer days are memories that will stick with me forever, and I’m glad to have experienced that summer of bliss. Now, I want to make new memories like this every chance I get!

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