Growing Up

Who are you Loyal to?

Tell me who you loyal to

Do it start with your woman or your man? (Mmm)

Do it end with your family and friends? (Mmm)

Or you’re loyal to yourself in advance?

I said, tell me who you loyal to


LOYALTY. by Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna





It is one of the things that I have been dealing with since elementary school that still comes up.


Who are you loyal to, and who is loyal to you? Who can you trust? How do you know you can trust them?


This is something I’ve personally struggled with. My ‘best friends’ turn out to be my enemies, my enemies turn out to be more real than my friends. My closest friendship is actually from my enemy.


Some stuff went down, and I was out for a while. I got a phone call from this guy, and I asked why he was calling me. His response was, “I figured you could use a friend right now.” That statement has sparked my deepest friendship that I have, and is still have to this day.

Turns out, my bestie, my ride or die, my bff, turned on me, the moment I was down and out. She decided that being cool was better than being loyal, and turned out to be the biggest snake in the grass.


It was high school, so you know it was bad. I go to school, and there are SO MANY rumors about me spreading around as fact, because it came from the mouth of my ‘best friend.’ Loyalty=0.

It’s actually where I developed my tough skin, though it took a lot of fighting, crying, writing, and more fighting. Fighting through the bullies, crying where I accepted the feelings that I had of betrayal and hurt, writing where I was able to accept and process my emotions, and more fighting because I had way too many haters.


But the person that started off my enemy, turned out to be my best friend, no matter how many miles come between us, no matter what happens in life, we are always the people that pick up like nothing has happened.


We were enemies in the beginning because we didn’t know each other, and he didn’t care enough. He said I was boring, but but having people turn on me, he said that made me interesting. Yes, he’s an ass, and I tell him daily, but he has never been dishonest. Brutally honest, but he’s honest.


Figuring out who is loyal has been a lifelong struggle. In college, I’ve had the same issues, and have seen some people show their true colors after a while, but I’m no longer surprised.


Finding out who is loyal at work is the hardest part. Finding out who you can trust, who is a snitch, it’s just a lot. I go by the rules of trusting no one. It’s the easiest, because if someone messes with my money, I go from class to hood really quickly.

So far, I haven’t put loyalty on the wrong people at work, and I don’t plan on it. I like to keep what I call mutually assured destruction. I trust you as far as you have to trust me, until you prove otherwise, because if I go down, I’m singing like a Former Trump Advisor.


My loyalty goes as far as your loyalty to me. So if you have coworkers, and you realize you are sharing more than them, you are trusting the wrong people and stop it.

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