About Me

The Coffee That I Need In The Morning

“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring

Won’t you give yourself to me

Give it all, oh”



It took me a long time to get to where I am, relationship wise.


I’ve been through a lot of bad relationships, and a  lot of dark times.


It took an amazing person to come into my life, and I’m thoroughly blessed that he came when I finally was open to another human being. I’m young, as some of my students say, “too young,” however; we are happy. 


You’re the coffee that I need in the morning


Not only are we happy, but we are a team. We work together to build each other up. When I met him, I wasn’t perfect, and neither was he. We were each dealing with our individual quirks, and issues. But instead of using those against each other, we helped build each other up and over those obstacles. Our goals for life align, and we help each other reach their goals. This blog? He is the one building it for me behind the scenes. I help test the designs for all of his technological endeavors and give him ideas when he runs low.


This team we have is so refreshing, and so welcome. My heart smiles every day when I wake up, and whenever I feel low, just knowing he loves me is a huge boost, and gets me through the darkest times.


In my past, I have been a victim. I have been battered, and mistreated, and I had begun to feel like that is what I deserved. I took some time, to try to work past those feelings, and it was a difficult road.


When I met him, I had finally begun to see my self worth, and actually believe it. I began to believe that I deserved someone that treated me well, and treated me as an equal, and not a doormat.


I was a complete open book with him. Basically overshared to scare him away. Instead of running, he just gave me a hug and hurt for me. He embraced me for my past, and looked to what the future can be. This is why I love this man.


Won’t you give yourself to me


We all have our baggage, we both brought in ours, and embraced it as our own. The parts of myself that I’m insecure about, he loves, and has taught me to embrace them. He makes me feel invincible and I love it.


In college, especially college, we did a lot of self-esteem workshops and learning to love ourselves. There’s something about actually loving yourself including your flaws. I hated my smile growing up, it always made me insecure. I’ve always weighed more than I’d like, and my Aunt calling me fat all the time didn’t help either. I’ve always looked to the girls on TV and felt I should be funnier, sassier, smarter, more agile, more athletic, more something.


I’m at a place where I can accept myself, and happily accept someone else the way they are.


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