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Always Say What’s On Your Mind

“Someone told me, “always say what’s on your mind”

And I am only being honest with you, I

I get lonely and make mistakes from time to time”



The world is changing. Of course it is. Also, I am in the generation that is changing it.


I am in my 20’s and we are a huge movement for change, and social justice. Whether everyone recognizes their potential, it is there.


Someone told me, ‘always say what’s on your mind

Although I can’t always do this, I am trying to live bolder and speak my mind more. You can’t make change and improvements, if no one knows there are improvements to be had. You can’t start a revolution, if everyone thinks everything is fine.


I am trying to navigate this world to the best of my ability, while also following my heart, and standing up for what’s right in a world that has so many injustices.


We all have a voice, and in our world today, it is very important we foster that voice and make it heard.


I’m a teacher, and as a teacher, I am fostering my students to be independent thinkers. The most important thing for me to teach them, is to find and define their voices. To help them figure out what it is that they value, and to teach them to protect them.


However, as I am still in my 20’s, I make mistakes, and I try to lead by example. It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s about learning from them. I learn a lot everyday, but hopefully, it’s a little less each day.


This site is my way of sharing the voice that I want to share with the world. I’m in my 20’s looking around at a bunch of people who I think have “figured it out,” whatever ‘it’ is, and I’m just now starting to look for ‘it’. I’ll find it one day, and I hope that you’re here with me when I do. Until then…just continue to use song lyrics to being your guiding stars because, they are always right on the nose, right? No? Oops…


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