About Me

Thank you for visiting my site! I’m Leslie, and I want to share my life journey with the world as I explore it and try to find my place in it.

I believe we should do our best to make an impact on the world for the better. I feel like the world should be a better place, not in spite of, but because of every person that has come and gone from it.

I love music, cooking, my family, and my dogs.

I see people close to my age on social media with seemingly perfect lives, and my life is far from perfect.

I am far from perfect, still learning a lot about myself and trying to make myself a better person in the process. So far, it’s going well, but if you stop growing you start failing.

I’m perfectly imperfect and that is perfectly fine with me!

This is how I ended up where I am in life. Writing and creating beautiful projects. Expressing myself in artistic ways has always been my outlet and now I’m proud that it is also my business!

If you want to get in contact or have any suggestions/comments/concerns feel free to email MyLifesLyrics2017@gmail.com!